New Dashboard Analytics is out!


VeriShow 5.1 | Release notes We’ve just released a new VeriShow version, which includes a new Dashboard  for usage data, graphs and reports. This version also provides the important WebRTC support for Firefox browsers. Learning more about customer engagement – New Dashboard We have now released a new Dashboard to display usage data based on time period selected. The Dashboard is an improved replacement to the old ‘Account Activity’ tab and ‘Engagement Report’. It provides [...]


Launching Co-browser Platinum! New Technology, better Co-browsing Experience.

VeriShow's new real-time website co-browsing - customer side

VeriShow 5.0 | Release notes This important release includes a new version of the co-browser application and additional reporting capabilities! Co-browsing Platinum The new VeriShow co-browsing technology is now improving both the user experience and functionalities of traditional co-browsing.  Improvement to notice include: Faster – the new version allows faster synchronization and page loading. Simplified configuration – the configuration process is now shorter and can cater more effectively to special requirements. Better technology – the [...]


VeriShow is Now Even More Secure

VeriShow is secure - blog image

VeriShow 4.9.7 | Release notes This version of VeriShow introduces a more secure platform following a rigorous process. VeriShow is More Secure Security is top priority for VeriShow. With that in mind, various security aspects have been further upgraded. In the process, external auditors that specializes in online security have been invited to both review and recommended additional improvements that were all implemented. The improvements provide a more secure environment for both all users. The enhancements [...]


New ‘Groups’ feature in VeriShow’s new release


VeriShow 4.9.6 | Release notes This version of VeriShow includes an important new feature called ‘Groups’ that allows agent segmentation. In addition, this release includes various bug fixes. Groups: Segment Agents, Calls and Sites The newly address groups feature allows the separation of tracking (monitoring of visitors) and buttons per group of agents. Some of the feature’s highlights: Create groups of agents – the backend now allows you to define groups and add agents to [...]


New Visitor’s Camera app, Improved Video Chat and More!


VeriShow 4.9.5 | Release notes This new VeriShow release includes improvements to audio/video chat, a new app called ‘Visitor’s Camera’ and various bug fixes. Updates to Audio/Video Chat The following improvements were made with regard to video chat: Echo cancellation – we have optimized echo reduction in non-WebRTC video chats – this applies to when using speakers, rather than a headset and is particularly noticeable in higher volume levels Improved video quality – we have [...]


Security Enhancements, Video Chat Improvements and More!

VeriShow's Security Graphic

VeriShow 4.9.4 | Release notes A new VeriShow release is out, which includes improvements to the platform’s security,  improvements to WebRTC audio/video, mobile support for Content Sharing in VeriShow within partner integrations, and bug fixes Enhanced Security The VeriShow platform has gone through various security enhancements at infrastructure and application level, due to the nature of these enhancements details will not be provided. You will notice we’ve added Captchas to forms, which will require you [...]


New Share Videos App and other Enhancements

An app that lets you view a video in real time with a customer, pause and annotate.

VeriShow 4.9.3 | Release notes This new version of VeriShow includes a new app, various improvements and bug fixes. New Share Videos App A new Share Videos app is now available to the agent in the main menu. When clicked, it is possible to share previously uploaded videos (in the VeriShow account go to Account Content > Manage Videos). Videos can be played in synchronization, paused and annotated by the agent and customer. The ability [...]


Improved Mobile Look & Feel & New Content Sharing

Mobile Interface.

VeriShow 4.9.2 | Release notes This new release includes the addition of real-time content sharing with mobile visitors, improved mobile chat and various other other enhancements. Improved Chat & New Content Sharing in Mobile The support for browser-based mobile interaction has been enhanced as follows: Agent & Customer content sharing in mobile – the agent can now share content with mobile / tablet visitors and annotate it using the Share File app. The agent can [...]


Improved WebRTC Video Chat & Mobile Chat

WebRTC Logo

VeriShow 4.9.1 | Release notes In this new release that comes out just before the new year, we made improvements to WebRTC-based audio/video chat, to our browser-based mobile chat and carried out various bug fixes. Improved WebRTC WebRTC is currently supported in Agent/Customer Chrome to Chrome interactions – WebRTC provides superior audio and video chats with high quality picture, sound and low latency. We’ve made technical as well as user experience improvements to audio and [...]


How to Use Video Chat and Co-browsing to Increase Sales?


The subject of video chat and co-browsing for customer service is becoming popular by the day. This is probably thanks to Amazon’s Mayday service that raised the standards for digital online support. This type of service however requires companies and service providers to be prepared with regard to various best practices, which are described in this article. How to use Video Chat?: Although many use video to interact with friends and family and occasionally in [...]


Live Video Help – Like Amazon’s But for Everyone Else


Three weeks ago, Amazon launched the ‘Mayday’ button on their Kindle HD tablets.  With a single-click, users can spontaneously video conference with a remote customer service representative to answer questions and to solve problems. Winds of change in online customer service New winds are blowing in the area of online customer service.  It is as if a renaissance of old personal customer service the way we knew it prior to the Internet era is reemerging.  [...]


Improved Co-browsing and Stability


VeriShow 4.9 | Release notes A new release of VeriShow is out and includes an improvement to our co-browsing, stability and bug fixes. Co-browser improvements A few improvements were made to the co-browser and include: Major user experience improvement in the co-browser version in the LivePerson integration – In previous versions the co-browser at the agent side was opened in a new window which meant that the agent had to chat in one window and [...]

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